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The Kayak Fishing Show presented by Seaguar – Season 12, Episode 2: Kayak Fishing in the Louisiana Marshes

By July 6, 2021No Comments

The second episode of Season 12 of the long-standing hit show, The Kayak Fishing Show presented by Seaguar, is set to hit airwaves July 10th on Bally Sports Network. The episode is slated to air 74 times this month alone!

In this episode, host Jim Sammons heads back to Louisiana, this time to the marshes, where he and his good buddy Jameson Redding hunt for bull drum and big trout.

About The Kayak Fishing Show: A San Diego, California native and certified fish and game licensed guide, Jim Sammons is recognized worldwide as a pioneer of big game kayak fishing. With his trademark fedora and his numerous special appearances on a variety of national fishing shows, Jim has become the most recognizable kayak angler in North America. But it is his infectious enthusiasm for the sport, his lively personality, and his passion for sharing the sport with others that has made him one of the most popular kayaks angler in the world. Each 30-minute TV episode airs nationwide on Bally Sports Network.