Peak Experience is a new kind of adventure travel series – a series that leads the way in sustainable and transformational travel. Created in partnership with Adventure Junky, a leader in the sustainable tourism movement, Peak Experience examines the issues behind sustainable travel and provides inspiration to those looking to marry their love and respect for the environment with their desire to wander and experience the world’s top adventures. Peak Experience is hosted by Fuchsia Claire Sims, a world explorer and co-founder of Adventure Junky – an app with the mission of uniting a global community of conscious and responsible travellers, tour operators and destinations, each committed to making tourism a force for good.

The project includes:

  • The Peak Experience show – a TV series that will premier to 40 million TV households on Outside TV starting in 2021.
  • The Adventure Junky App – featured Peak Experience activity(s) uploaded in the app and featured in the app’s “dreamfeed”.
  • The Adventure Junky online community – including an active Facebook page an engaged Instagram account, totaling a combined App and Social Community of 120,000+.
  • The Peak Experience digital series – a free-to-watch, video-on-demand series that will be available on all major OTT platforms, including AppleTV, Roku, Amazon Fire, and Chromecast.

In partnership with Adventure Junky

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