Kayak Fishing with Chad Hoover

Chad Hoover - HostA retired US Navy officer, Chad Hoover is a pioneer and leader of the kayak fishing movement. But it’s his passion and talent for bass fishing, along with his dynamic personality and desire to share the sport with others, that has made Chad one of the most respected bass anglers in the world. Kayak Fishing with Chad Hoover is a media project designed to inspire, entertain, and educate anglers across the country through a powerful network of broadcast TV, consumer events, social media, and digital streaming platforms.

The project includes:

  • The Chad Hoover Fishing show– a TV series that reaches over 94 million US households through Bally Sports.
  • The Chad Hoover YouTube channel – a YouTube channel with 111,000 subscribers and over 19 million views. 
  • The Chad Hoover Fishing Instagram and Facebook pages – highly active pages, with over 133k engaged fans and followers.
  • The Toad Trips show – a free-to-watch, video-on-demand series that’s available on all major OTT platforms, including AppleTV, Roku, Amazon Fire, and Chromecast.
  • Kayak Bass Fishing – the nation’s foremost organization that engages, supports and informs kayak bass anglers.

Chad Hoover – Social Media


Website: www.kayakbassfishing.com