About PaddleTV Buyer’s Guide

PaddleTV Buyer’s Guide is an authentic and unbiased video series (not pay-to-play) that showcases the best paddlesports products of the year – to recognize the development of outstanding products, and to help consumers with their purchasing decisions.

The series includes 16 professionally produced videos hosted by world renowned paddler, instructor, TV show host and YouTuber, Ken Whiting.

Produced by Heliconia, the series will be released through the PaddleTV YouTube Channel and shared through Facebook and Instagram.  With 64,000 subscribers and 14 million views, PaddleTV is one of the most popular paddling focused YouTube channels in the world.

PaddleTV Buyer’s Guide videos are designed to help consumers with their purchasing decisions, by showcasing the top paddlesports products in each category.  Each video will feature the top 3 to 7 products within a specific category, as chosen by Ken Whiting.

For each product featured, Ken will talk about its specs, key selling features, and why he has chosen it as one of the top products of the year.


Best Kayaks Under $500
Best Kayaks Under $1000
Best Entry Level Kayaks
Best Recreational Kayaks
Best Touring Kayaks
Best Kayaks for Big People
Best Kayaks for Multi-Day Trips
Best Inflatable Kayaks
Best Folding Kayaks

Best Recreational SUP

Best Canoes

Best Paddling Accessories
Best Paddling Apparel
Best Paddling Life Jackets
Best Recreational Kayak Paddles
Best Performance Kayak Paddles

Gear of the Year – Category FAQ

About the Host: Ken Whiting

One of the most recognized and respected names in the paddlesports industry, Ken Whiting’s expertise, reputation, and his unique knowledge of all things paddling make him the ideal Host to deliver valuable, authentic and unbiased ‘Buyer’s Guide’ videos. Ken is a World Champion whitewater kayaker, a world-renowned instructor, and the author of 12 best-selling instructional books and videos on paddling technique.

Ken is also the Host and Producer of Facing Waves – North America’s only paddling focused TV series. Now in its 8th Season, Facing Waves is broadcast into more than 100 million US households through Outside TV, and the Bally regional sports networks.


How to Submit Your Product for Consideration


  1. Fill out this (Boat or Board | Other Gear) Google Form Application to submit your product for consideration before the deadline (5pm EST on February 28th)  
  2. If your product is selected, you’ll be asked to ship the product to our testing/filming location 
  3. All selected products will be considered for a dedicated ‘Product Feature’ video 

Note: A product can be submitted for consideration in more than one category!


  • This is not a pay-to-play opportunity.  There are no fees involved with having a product considered and/or featured in the PaddleTV Gear of the Year videos.

Shipping of Product

  • Selections will be finalized and applicants will be notified by March 15th, 2021.
  • If your product is selected to be featured within one of the PaddleTV Gear of the Year videos, you will be responsible for all costs related with shipping the product to our testing/filming location at the Heliconia main office in Beachburg, Ontario, Canada. 
  • Products selected will need to be received by Heliconia no later than May 15th, 2021.*
  • Heliconia will not be responsible for the return shipping of any products. If you would like the product returned, or delivered to any location, you will need to coordinate the shipping or pickup.

*Timelines subject to change.