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Outdoor Eats TV Series Premieres July 20, 2023

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New adventure culinary show aims to elevate backcountry cooking experiences

July 11, 2023 — Seattle, WA — Outdoor Eats, an outdoor adventure cooking resource and community founded by Chef Corso, proudly debuts a new TV series produced by award-winning production company Heliconia. The first season of this unique adventure culinary show is set to premiere July 20 on Bally Sports Network. OutsideTV will also air the full season of “Outdoor Eats” beginning July 31. 

Originally from the Pacific Northwest, Chef Corso is a classically trained chef with over 20 years of restaurant and food development experience. While backpacking in the national parks of Washington State, Chef Corso was inspired to shake up the status quo of pre-packaged and processed camp food. With both his extensive culinary and food science experience, Chef Corso started developing and testing meals and snacks with the hiker and camper in mind–ensuring the recipes are easy to shop for, easy to pack, mindful of pack weight and volume, quick to make at camp, and unbelievably delicious. 

Continuing his mission to elevate the outdoor culinary experience, Chef Corso hits the trail in “Outdoor Eats,” delivering hiking and backpacking storylines, camp recipes, cooking and packing tips, and gear reviews in the world’s top adventure destinations. In episode one, Chef Corso heads to Arizona, where he hikes spectacular desert trails and shows us how to cook gourmet backpacking meals with easy to find and packable ingredients. Coming later in July, episode two will feature camp meals and a trail-gate happy hour in the golden hills of San Francisco. “I’m excited to share the Outdoor Eats mission of elevated meals outdoors with a larger audience,” says Chef Corso, Head Chef, Founder, and Host of Outdoor Eats. “Food on the trail doesn’t have to be just jerky and trail mix. There are so many great options to share that compliment your journey in a better way. Some recipe highlights from the first few episodes are Pad Thai, Beef Stroganoff, Bacon Cheddar Grits, and Jambalaya.”

Not your average granola: Outdoor Eats Cranberry Orange Granola

In celebration of his debut TV series, Chef Corso will tour nationally, holding special episode viewings as well as cooking workshops for the Outdoor Eats community. The tour kicks off August 3 at REI Berkeley in Berkeley, California, and August 17 at REI Seattle Flagship in Seattle, Washington. Full event announcements will be coming soon. Sign up for the Outdoor Eats newsletter to be the first to know about upcoming tour dates near you. Heliconia is planning shoots for the 2024 season of “Outdoor Eats” and is currently looking for gear and destination partnerships. For marketing and partnership inquiries, contact James McBeath james@heliconia.ca. For more information on the “Outdoor Eats” TV premiere tour or to connect with Chef Corso, contact Katie Richter at katie@darbycommunications.com.

About Outdoor Eats
Founded by classically trained Chef Corso, Outdoor Eats is an outdoor culinary resource for any outdoor activity. With over 20 years of restaurant and food research experience, Chef Corso has developed and tested over 300 trail-ready recipes for backpackers and campers looking to ditch pre-packaged, processed, and dehydrated meals. From pocket-sized cookbooks, customizable meal plans, community workshops, a successful YouTube channel, and an upcoming TV series, Outdoor Eats gives outdoors people the tools necessary to create easy to pack, easy to make, and above all, tasty recipes in the backcountry. Trading fine dining rooms for mountain vistas, Chef Corso is changing the way we cook and enjoy the outdoors. Learn more at www.outdooreats.com, follow on Instagram @outdooreats365, or subscribe on YouTube. 

Heliconia’s goal is simple – to get more people outside and to help them become lifetime outdoor participants. The award-winning video production company does this by showcasing outdoor adventure and adventure travel through inspiring and educational content with industry-leading influencers. Heliconia currently produces seven unique media projects, providing authentic storytelling opportunities for every adventure and every destination. These series include: Epic Trails, Facing Waves, Adventure Cities, Great Family Adventure, Chad Hoover Fishing, Road Trip Angler, and Outdoor Eats. For more information, visit www.heliconia.ca.