Great Family Adventure

Great Family Adventure – Season 1, Episode 1: Rock Island, Tennessee

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Heliconia’s newest tv series, Great Family Adventure, is set to premiere July 1st on Bally Sports Network. The episode is slated to air 42 times to date.

In the premiere episode viewers will catch a glimpse into the daily lives of this thrill-seeking, fun-loving, adventurous family as they prepare for their annual road trip. The episode introduces the story of how Nick and Emily came to be and why they have decided to pack up their belongings and live on the road nine months out of the year. As we follow the family, we see how Nick and Emily juggle and balance their own active, busy, competition-filled schedules while being hands-on parents raising two young children. 

Be sure to check your local listings for a full airing schedule.

ABOUT GREAT FAMILY ADVENTURE: Great Family Adventure is an exciting fast paced TV series that follows World Champion kayakers, Nick Troutman and Emily Jackson, and their family on an epic family road trip. Join the family as they learn about new cultures, paddle wild rivers, exploring rad bike trails, swim in the ocean, and camp out under the stars. Each 30-minute TV episode airs on Outside TV and the 27 regional sports networks that make up Bally Sports Network. Networks interested in carrying Great Family Adventure are encouraged to reach out to Heliconia’s Vice-President, Brendan Mark, at brendan@helipress.com.