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Epic Trails – Trip Report: South Dakota

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Filming for Season 5 of Epic Trails is underway, and recently host Eric Hanson and crew wrapped up a shoot in beautiful South Dakota. This shoot took Eric through Badlands National Park and the Black Hills, along with special guest and fellow backpacker, Dan Becker.

Below is an excerpt from Eric’s blog post about his experience:

South Dakota might just be one of the most surprising states in the country. Bring up South Dakota and you might think of rolling grasslands and farmland as far as the eye can see, but that does the state little justice. It’s probably not regarded as one of the top adventure destinations. But it should be!

I traveled to South Dakota to film an episode of Epic Trails with a tiny bit of skepticism in my heart. But that just shows how little I know about this gem.

First, I traveled into Badlands National Park, which is popular and frequently trafficked with its ease of access from the freeway, and of course, made better with a stop in the quirky little town of Wall. After eating Buffalo Burgers and getting scared by the animatronic T-Rex, I wandered into the Badlands to hike the Notch Trail. The Badlands is a unique national park, not known as much for hiking as it is a drive through time and odd geology. But there is hiking! There are certified, actual trails with a maze of strange features that hikers are welcome to clamber atop as they please.

But the Badlands wasn’t my main reason for visiting; I came to explore The Black Hills, an incredible pocket of granite spires and pine trees, rich with surprising beauty. There is so much to explore and do here, and I was attempting to do as much as possible.” – Eric Hanson

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