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Epic Trails, Season 4 – Episode 5: Backpacking Urban California

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The fifth episode of Epic Trails, Season 4 is set to hit airwaves August 12th on Bally Sports Network. The episode is slated to air 91 times throughout the month of August!

Backpacking Urban California is the final episode of the season and it sees host, Eric Hanson, leaving the backcountry to discover urban hiking adventures in the cities of Los Angeles and San Francisco, California.

We slowly plodded our way up the mountain, navigating the treacherous Devil’s Backbone where the mountain falls steeply on both sides of the trail. As the day wore on, Casey and I eventually made it to the top to celebrate. I couldn’t believe I was standing over 10,000 feet with L.A. east of me and the Mojave Desert to the west. To the north, the San Gabriels continued on, quietly assuring me that L.A. has more adventure in store than I could have guessed.” – Eric Hanson, The Adventurous Side of San Francisco and L.A. You Never Knew About

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About Epic TrailsEpic Trails is an exciting and inspiring adventure travel media series that follows host, Eric Hanson, as he explores the people, places, and adventures surrounding the world’s top hiking destinations. Each 30-minute TV episode airs on Outside TV, 27 regional networks that make up Bally Sports Network, and internationally through National Geographic Channel—Asia and Extreme Sports Channel across Europe. Episodes of Epic Trails aired over 2,200 times in 2020. Networks interested in carrying Epic Trails are encouraged to reach out to Heliconia’s Vice-President, Brendan Mark, at brendan@helipress.com.