Heliconia Brings in James McBeath as the New Director of In4adventure.com

Heliconia, the video production company behind award-winning TV series such as Epic Trails, Facing Waves and Adventure Cities, is excited to announce the hiring of long-time industry marketer, James McBeath. McBeath joined the team earlier this month as Director of Heliconia’s new In4adventure.com project, overseeing its strategic, technical, and promotional development. James will also be involved with strategic sales and marketing initiatives spanning all Heliconia’s projects.

“James comes with experience in all aspects of the outdoor industry and shares Heliconia’s values,” says Brendan Mark, Heliconia Vice-President. “James has invaluable experience in creating instructional content and in working with projects like World Kayak. He brings with him a wealth of modern web marketing savvy to Heliconia.”  

Launched in mid-2022, in4adventure.com is a consumer-focused website that embodies Heliconia’s mission of helping get people outdoors and creating lifetime outdoor participants. The site focuses on four primary pillars intrinsic to the company: Influencers who introduce, inspire, instruct, and inform. In4adventure.com also provides a key new component to Heliconia’s media projects and their content marketing outreach and distribution.

“I am looking forwards to continuing my work within the outdoor adventure industry,” shares James McBeath. “This project opens the door to getting back in touch with outdoors brands who share my passion in encouraging outdoors lifestyles. I look forward to connecting these brands and others to this incredible new initiative and with Heliconia.”

ABOUT JAMES MCBEATH: James has spent most of his professional career working to encourage people to get out and play. A 35-year veteran of the outdoor industry, James’ career has seen him partnered with leading kayak schools in the ‘90’s, spending two decades heading mainstream sport web marketing strategy including pioneer initiatives with the NHL, followed by a decade as an adventure sports marketing strategist with Breathe Productions and, most recently, a fifteen year stint as the Director of Marketing for Jackson Kayak. James was also the Director of World Kayak, an initiative that focused on the growth of Paddlesports. James can be reached at 613.256.0598 or at james@heliconia.ca.

ABOUT HELICONIA: Heliconia’s goal is simple – to get more people outside and to help them become lifetime outdoor participants. The award-wining video production company does this by showcasing outdoor adventure and adventure travel through inspiring and educational content with industry-leading influencers. Heliconia currently produces six unique media projects, providing authentic storytelling opportunities for every adventure and every destination. These series include: Epic TrailsFacing WavesAdventure CitiesGreat Family AdventureChad Hoover Fishing, and Road Trip Angler. Heliconia has a proven formula that marries inspiring video production with guaranteed television and digital distribution, ensuring that your message is heard in a unique and impactful way. For more information, visit www.heliconia.ca.