Heliconia Wins 4 Medals at the 2021 Telly Awards!

By June 3, 2021June 8th, 2021No Comments

Each year, at this time of year and dating back to 1979, the Telly Awards have been dealt to the top productions in the TV, film, commercial, and digital space. With the world in ‘pandemic mode’, production across all modern visual platforms has been a challenge. This year’s awards saw many of the world’s top production houses overcoming the challenges presented to show off one of the strongest film and TV making line ups ever at the Telly’s; with Heliconia coming away as one of the top producers with four awards!

Heliconia was able to plan, shoot and produce full seasons of content through all the challenges and with their inspirational storylines. With classic capture of incredible locations, community leading influencers guiding the way for audiences and incredible footage and editing, Heliconia was able to enter four amazing pieces and catch they eye of the judges. Epic Trails and Paddle Tales won two awards each at this year’s Telly Awards.

Summary of awards:

  • Epic Trails: The Backpacking Experience is the Silver Telly Winner in Online: Motivational (Official Listing)
  • Epic Trails: My Near-Death Canyoning Experience is the Silver Telly Winner in Online: Nature/Wildlife (Official Listing)
  • Paddle Tales: Kayaking the Canadian Amazon is the Bronze Telly Winner in Online: Travel/Tourism (Official Listing)
  • Paddle Tales: The New Generation of Whitewater Kayakers is the Bronze Telly Winner in Online: Webseries: Non-Scripted (Official Listing)

Special shout outs to our team for an incredible effort in bringing these productions to fruition. Please visit www.tellyawards.com to check out all the incredible winners in the class of 2021.