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Adventure Cities – Trip Report: Poznań, Poland

By May 30, 2022No Comments

The Adventure Cities team recently returned from an absolutely incredible film shoot in Poznań, Poland!

While there, the team experienced a wide variety of adventures including a hands-on visit to the Rogalowe Museum (a Croissant Museum), an intense 6-kart race at E1Gokart (an indoor-karting track), and toured the Museum of Armored Weapons. Here, Jonathan got to drive a SdKfz 6, a Second World War half-track military vehicle that used to transport troops and tow a howitzer. The vehicle, which had been set on fire and fully submerged in a swamp, was fully restored by L. Col Orgrodniczuk’s team, which manufactured some parts from scratch as they were no longer available.

The history didn’t stop there. Jonathan also visited the Potato Museum (Poznańskie Muzeum Pyry), the Enigma Cipher Centre (Centrum Szyfrōw Enigma) and toured Cathedral Island tour in a 1972 Fiat 126.

Poznań is also home to a surprising number of high-adrenaline adventures as Jonathan quickly learnt. He reached deep to face his fears and jumped into a 150 ft high swing over the soccer pitch at Stadion Poznań courtesy of Joy Factory at City Stadium.

Jonathan also jumped out a airplane at 17,000 feet with the crew at Sky Camp. He experienced 1.5 seconds of freefall before the parachute was opened.

High adventure with feet on the ground, Jonathan got the full medieval experience at Pobiedziska Stronghold (Gród Pobiedziska). Here, Jonathan and the Adventure Cities crew quickly learnt that when the host told them “no soft play”, he wasn’t kidding. Jonathan dressed up in early medieval armor and took part in an ‘epic battle of the bridge’, followed by a traditional medieval feast.

From engaging museums and historical tours to adrenaline pumping extreme adventure, and everything in between, Poznań, Poland has proved itself to be one of the most surprising and exciting Adventure Cities to date.

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