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Adventure Cities Trip Report – Charleston, SC

By April 29, 2022No Comments

Jonathan and the Adventures Cities team recently set off to find the best adventures in Charleston, South Carolina – a city often referred to as the ‘holy city’ for its numerous historic churches and known as being the epitome of good ol’ Southern charm and charisma.

While in Charleston, the Adventure Cities team tried to hit par at the Charleston Municipal golf course. More than a superb course, the Charleston Municipal golf course is a community hub where everyone seems to know each other’s name (with apologies to Cheers).

No trip to Charleston would be complete without a sailing adventure. The great team at Keelforce Sailing Charters, Charleston’s only performance sailing yacht charter, had Jonathan sailing across the Charleston Harbor at record speeds in near-perfect conditions.

While in Charleston, Jonathan also tried his luck at surfing on Isle of Palms, explored the beautiful beaches of Seabrook Island by horseback, attended a private ‘shag workshop’ (shag being the ‘swing dance of the South’), visited Firefly Distillery, the largest distillery in the state, went parasailing, and took in a one-of-a-kind crabbing experience with Charleston native and owner of Casual Crabbing with Tia, Tia Clark.

Oh… did we forget to mention ghost hunting?? Teaming up with investigators from Charleston Paranormal, Jonathan and the crew set out to investigate the historic, and notoriously haunted, Dock Street Theatre. Be sure to catch the final episode to see the entire investigation and “special guests” who decided to join the Adventure Cities crew that night!

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