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Adventure Cities Trip Report – Amman, Jordan

By November 18, 2021February 8th, 2022No Comments

The Adventure Cities team has another successful film shoot under their belt, this one in Amman, Jordan. A unique city of contrasts (think layered histories and ultra-modern amenities nestled between the fertile Jordan Valley and the desert), Amman is a city unlike any other – a fact that Adventure Cities host Jonathan Thompson can now attest to.

Jonathan and the Adventure Cities team were welcomed by Visit Jordan to Amman, a rolling vibrant city aptly called the ‘City of Seven Hills’. They were welcomed by tourism and locals alike to; explore the historic and bustling downtown Amman, join artists from Underground Amman on a vividly informative street art tour, learn traditional Jordanian cuisine and hospitality at the revolutionary Beit Sitti cooking school, drive some of the King’s personal sports cars with Raja Gargour from the Royal Automobile Museum, take in the sunset at the Amman Citadel while the call to prayer echoed off the hillsides, and drink in the nightlife on Rainbow Street. 

As if that wasn’t enough to put Amman squarely on the Adventure Cities list of top places to visit, Jonathan also swooped into Petra by helicopter to hike the ancient trade city and former Nabataean capital. For a more modern adventure, roped up by skilled local climbing guide, Mahmoud Alkatatbeh, the team set out for Wadi Zarqa Ma’in on a canyoning experience that included multiple rappels culminating with a 40-meter waterfall. A few kilometres downstream, Jonathan and team ended the adventure mud-covered and relaxing with a float in the Dead Sea.

Amman is an incredible destination, and one the Adventure Cities’ team won’t soon forget.

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