About Heliconia

We understand how disappointing it can be to spend thousands of dollars on a video marketing campaign only to have no one see it. Heliconia founders Ken Whiting and Brendan Mark have spent over a decade developing a proven formula that marries inspiring video production with guaranteed television and digital distribution, ensuring that your message is heard by the adventure travel community in a unique and impactful way.

Heliconia’s TV distribution partners include OutsideTV, Discovery Channel, Sportsman Channel and 27 Regional Sports Networks across the US.  In addition, Heliconia shows are distributed worldwide in 50+ countries and onboard major airlines. Our clients receive a guaranteed minimum number of airings on our partner TV networks.

We produce seven unique television series, providing authentic storytelling opportunities for every adventure and every destination. Our series are also available on select streaming platforms, including Amazon Prime, Roku, and AppleTV. Heliconia is a leader in online video production, with over 312,000 YouTube subscribers to its channels and 74 million views.

Whether we’re landing huge marlin in the Pacific Ocean from a fishing kayak, paddling through vast fjords along the Atlantic coast, or exploring the concrete jungles of our most dynamic urban centres, our team will go the extra mile to capture your story.