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July 2022

Road Trip Angler is Set to Hit US Airwaves, July 17th

Heliconia, the video production company behind the award winning tv shows Epic TrailsFacing Waves, Chad Hoover Fishing, and Great Family Adventure, is excited to announce that its newest series, Road Trip Angler, is set to premiere on Bally Sports Network July 17th.

Road Trip Angler, presented by Jackson Kayak, is an exciting fast paced TV series that follows Jackson kayak fishing expert and influencer, Jameson Redding. A regular guest on Chad Hoover Fishing, and the long-running Kayak Fishing Show with Jim Sammons, Jameson grew up with the outdoors in the foothills of North Carolina. After discovering kayak fishing over a decade ago, he took a leap of faith and dedicated himself to the sport. Over the years, he has held many positions in the industry, starting as a sponsored angler and moving from retail, tech, and sales to become the Brand Manager of fishing at Jackson Kayak. Through this, he has developed an unmatched connection to the industry and the community that surrounds it.

Jameson loves exploring new waters, meeting new people, and sharing his passion as much as he loves fishing itself. “For the past decade I have dedicated my life to traveling to, and exploring, new kayak fishing destinations,” reflects Jameson. “Some I check off, and others have become almost like a second home. But what I take away from each trip is new friends, memories, and usually a bit more slime on my kayak.”

In the premiere episode viewers will join Jameson as he visits the extraordinary fisheries in Corpus Christi, Texas. There, he tries out Jackson Kayak’s new pedal kayak, the KNARR, fishes for redfish and trout, and visits the legendary Roy’s Bait & Tackle.

Following his time in Corpus Christi, Texas, Jameson continues his road trip and visits the fisheries of Oklahoma City, Delaware, and Tennessee. Reflecting on the first season of filming Road Trip Angler, Jameson remarks that “the opportunity to travel to new areas, spend time on the water with both new and old friends, and explore a new fishery is such a blessing and one that I hope I never take for granted.”

ABOUT ROAD TRIP ANGLER: Jackson Kayak’s Road Trip Angler is a multifaceted media project designed to help showcase brands and products to a dedicated and engaged audience of avid anglers and outdoors lovers. Leveraging host Jameson Redding and Jackson Kayak’s significant dealer and consumer distribution channels to reach markets across the US, this show hits the road to find the best fishing in America in the coolest regions. Jameson Redding will explore the many fisheries across the US with the businesses and angler influencers who call these regions their home. Each 30-minute TV episode airs nationally across Bally Sports Network. Brand interested in partnering with Road Trip Angler are encouraged to reach out to Heliconia’s Partnership Manager, Malvin Young, at malvin@helipress.com.

ABOUT HELICONIA: Heliconia’s goal is simple – to get more people outside and to help them become lifetime outdoor participants. The award-wining video production company does this by showcasing outdoor adventure and adventure travel through inspiring and educational content with industry-leading influencers. Heliconia currently produces eight unique media projects, providing authentic storytelling opportunities for every adventure and every destination. These series include: Epic TrailsEpic Trails: Mountain BikingFacing WavesAdventure CitiesGreat Family AdventureChad Hoover Fishing, and Road Trip Angler. Heliconia has a proven formula that marries inspiring video production with guaranteed television and digital distribution, ensuring that your message is heard in a unique and impactful way. For more information, visit www.heliconia.ca.

Epic Trails Trip Report: Amazonas Region, Peru

The Amazonas region of Peru; A name that conjures visions of dense rainforests, wide rivers, exotic animals, and lush green landscapes. That is exactly what we encountered as we sought out a variety of archeological sites, cloud forests and towering waterfalls on our Epic Trails episode shoot in Peru.  

Below is an excerpt from Eric’s blog post about his experience:

A short flight northwards from Lima is the city of Jaen. Flying directly to the Amazonas region capital of Chachapoyas is also an option, but starting in Jaen allowed our team to see a bit more of the regional landscape during an adventurous 5 hour drive. José of Turismo Explorer, an Amazonas local and knowledgeable guide, was our driver and living History Channel, feeding us endless information about the terrain and sites as we stopped at lookouts and vistas en route to Chachapoyas. 

“Amazonas is one of Peru’s less visited regions simply because Peru is home to so many great spots. But that doesn’t mean Amazonas isn’t just as exciting as the more famous Cusco area or the absurd mountains of Ancash, both of which I was fortunate to have just explored.”  

– Eric Hanson

My goal for this trip was to explore the cloud forest of Peru’s north, trek to see the ancient cities of the region, and see the world’s third tallest waterfall, Gocta falls. This would be made possible with the planning and support of our guide José and the Turismo Explorer team. Since the pandemic began, he has been regularly visiting archeological sites popular with tourists to find them overgrown with the decline of foot traffic. Something we would soon see up close. 

After a relaxing day at José’s hostel, Chachapoyas Backpackers Hostal Boutique, we set off for the Belén Valley. Led along a rigorous trail that meandered up and over ridges and through valleys, I learned the histories of the many Inca and pre-Inca cities that were now being swallowed up by the jungle. Muddy, wet conditions did make the trail slippery and strenuous, with the myth of the Amazonas region as being flat was quickly dispelled within the first mile of the trail. 

After a challenging first day, the team descended down into a small village en route, where gracious hosts offered a room in their home with a cozy bed and shower. There was also an amazing show of true community spirit as there was a fundraising soccer game for a little girl in the village who was suffering from a cancerous tumor—a humbling experience putting the days challenges into perspective. 

The next day, José led us out of the charming village to on a true mission–climb 5,000 feet up, ascending out of the valley and back up into the cloud forest. Along the trail were more lost cities that without a worthy guide, you’d likely miss altogether.   

“Come over here.” José said as he peeled back a blanket of vines. “Look at this. It’s pre-Inca.”   

And sure enough, there was an ancient wall whose stonework was still impeccable even after all the centuries of earthquakes, pouring rain, and creeping vines and tree roots trying their best to consume the walls. 

“There were dozens, even hundreds of rooms here.” José said. “You can still see the levels of the city. The upper levels of course we’re for the most important people.”   

The Amazonas region is a haven for those who enjoy archaeology and history. Here, you’ll find many ancient cities, impressive tombs, and cities of the dead spread all throughout the region which hold sacred burial sites. They are a spooky yet beautiful reminder of the length’s humans go to honor the dead.   

Continuing the trip through the canyons of the cloud forest, we encountered a variety of beautiful waterfalls, including the towering Gocta Falls. It wasn’t until 2004 that a foreign traveler noticed the exceptionally large waterfall and came to find out that it is the third tallest waterfall in the world! 

The Epic Trails crew and I left Amazonas with an appreciation and wonder for the region. This diverse, and interesting destination is far more beautiful than you may expect. Peru does not disappoint. It only invites you deeper into our beautiful world and the next region around the corner.   

Read the full blog article here

About Epic Trails: Epic Trails is an exciting and inspiring adventure travel media series that follows host, Eric Hanson, as he explores the people, places, and adventures surrounding the world’s top hiking destinations. Each 30-minute TV episode airs on Outside TV, 27 regional networks, and internationally through National Geographic Channel—Asia and Extreme Sports Channel across Europe. Episodes of Epic Trails aired over 2,200 times in 2020. Learn more about the series at www.heliconia.ca. Networks interested in carrying Epic Trails are encouraged to reach out to Heliconia’s Vice-President, Brendan Mark, at brendan@helipress.com.