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February 2019


Beachburg, Canada: Heliconia is proud to announce their short films Paddling with Kids: Starting Kids with Kayaking and Sea Kayak Surfing in Jamaica have been selected for the 2019 Paddling Film Festival World Tour. The films are two of 26 short listed films to be included in this year’s Paddling Film Festival World Tour.

Paddling with Kids: Starting Kids with Kayaking provides parents with best practices for introducing kids to the sport of kayaking and is part of the Youth Safe Paddling Series, a partnership with the American Canoe Association (ACA). The series was funded by the Sport Fish Restoration and Boating Trust Fund.

“We have worked with Heliconia Press for over four years and have developed a great partnership with the team through dozens of projects, the most recent being the Paddling with Kids series,” explains Marcel Bieg, Western States Outreach Director and Grant Manager for the American Canoe Association. “Their professionalism and dedication to the production and accuracy of media in all its forms, is always evident. We appreciate their attention to detail and creative approach in bringing the Paddling with Kids series to life.”

Sea Kayak Surfing in Jamaica is an excerpt from Heliconia’s popular Facing Waves television series. It showcases the beautiful blue coast of the island of Jamaica and its incredible, yet surprisingly small, local surf scene.

“Surfing the Jamaican waves in a sea kayak was both exhilarating and humbling,” reminisces Heliconia President and Facing Waves Producer and Host, Ken Whiting. “But I think the coolest thing, was how friendly and welcoming the surf community was in Jamaica. The place has great waves, great people, and a great all-around vibe.”

This is not the first time Heliconia’s productions have been selected for the film festival. In 2017 the organization won Best Stand Up Paddling Film for Facing Waves: Paddling Barbados and Best Kayak Fishing Film for The Kayak Fishing Experience. Heliconia’s films Sea Kayaking in Juneau, Alaska and The Golden Rules of Canoeing were finalists in 2018.

The 2019 Paddling Film Festival World Tour will screen in more than 120 cities around the world, showing an inspiring curated collection of films to thousands of captive audience members. Both Paddling with Kids: Starting Kids with Kayaking and Sea Kayak Surfing in Jamaica are up for the Aqua-Bound People’s Choice Award.

A list of film festival screening venues can be found online at www.paddlingfestival.com. For a preview of Heliconia’s award-winning short films, in addition to dozens of inspiring and educational videos, visit the YouTube Channel TheHeliconiaPress, or www.helipress.com.

About Heliconia: Heliconia is an award-winning video production company that specializes in outdoor productions. For 21 years Heliconia has helped industry-leading brands, and some of the world’s top tourism authorities, communicate their marketing message in a unique, and inspiring way. Heliconia offers custom video production services and produces seven unique television series which air on such networks as Sportsman Channel, FOX Sports, Outside TV, Nautical Channel, and World Fishing Network. Heliconia is also a leader in online video productions, with over 260,000 YouTube subscribers and 64 million views. See all Heliconia’s work at www.helipress.com.